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In recent times, social media has seen an explosion of groups specialized in a specific 4×4 or even a specific engine. Members of our four wheeling community are keen to rally together to provide hints & tips and recommendations, share experiences, post videos of their rigs in action, or ask questions of fellow group members. More often that not, these questions are “which should I buy?”, “what’s better?” or “what do you all recommend?”.

We are all itching to invest our hard earned money into our pride and joy, our rig, our beast. But until now, there has been nowhere that allows us to compare all the real life features and specifications of every brand, every product, every nut and bolt that makes up our favourite must-have (or just-because) accessories. What’s it made of? How thick is it? Will it fit there? But most importantly: what is it going to look like on my truck?

There are literally hundreds of brands in our Australian market that offer products which will improve the look and feel, handling, power and comfort of our 4x4s but which company should get your money? Well at Compare 4×4, we believe that every manufacturer should have a presence in the industry. We’re a space for the big guys to prove why they’re the top option asking top dollar. We’re a space for the little guys, the community fabricators, to grow their business from a local to a national market. We’re a space for every 4×4 enthusiast to make the best decision on what will suit their requirements.

We each use our fourbies for a range of different activities. Whether you’re building the ultimate touring truck to take on the trip of a lifetime, a complete animal of a weekend warrior, or you’ve moved up to competitive wheeling, Compare 4×4 is the only place to find every detail about every product you’re going to need.

During our extensive research phase, we’ve found that there are very few specifications which are available universally from every brand. How are we supposed to know if it’s the perfect product for us, if we don’t have all the facts? You wouldn’t order a pizza if you didn’t know whether it had your favourite toppings on it, so why should you spend thousands on accessories to kit out your fourby without having all the information?

At Compare 4×4, we have a vision. We have a vision about the future of the four wheel drive industry in Australia. We have a vision about how we want to grow over the coming weeks, months and years, and what industry-changing services we want to bring to our community. We, like you, have a vision about how we want our 4x4s to look. So, let’s make it happen!

We currently have listed in excess of 3500 individual products and will be adding more products, as well as categories over the coming weeks and months. If there’s a category you’d love to see, get in touch! If you’re a manufacturer or dealer and want to see your products listed with us, contact us!

The team at Compare 4×4 live and breathe 4×4. It’s what we love.