DC-DC Battery Chargers

If you’re setting up your vehicle for off-grid camping, or simply want to keep your lunch cold whilst on the job site, a DC-DC battery charger really is one of the most important and versatile accessories you can fit to your 4WD or RV.

Designed to prevent your cranking, or starter, battery from being over-discharged a DC-DC battery charger will also prolong your auxiliary battery’s life by ensuring that it is always kept in an optimal state of charge, even if it is a long way away from the vehicle’s alternator.

With many DC-DC battery chargers also featuring a built in solar regulator, it’s important to match the charger you purchase to the way you use your vehicle. If the devices you run are more power-hungry, perhaps a large 12v fridge, there are a range of output current ratings available up to 50A which may help to replenish your auxiliary battery’s capacity faster after a night of heavy use.

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