Recovery Equipment

Carrying the correct recovery equipment and being familiar with safe vehicle recovery techniques is crucial for any driver heading off the bitumen. Even the most experienced 4WDers can quickly become bogged in soft sand and mud or immobilised by large wheel ruts. Carrying a range of recovery equipment including a recovery kit, compressor and winch is a great way of maximising the chances of freeing the vehicle. In our 4WD community it is respectful to those who may assist you to carry your own recovery equipment rather than risking damage to somebody else’s gear.

  • Air Compressors

    Air Compressors

  • Rated Recovery Points

    Rated Recovery Points

  • Recovery Kits

    Recovery Kits

  • Winches - Steel Cable

    Winches - Steel Cable

  • Winches - Synthetic Rope

    Winches - Synthetic Rope