ARB Commercial Bull Bar – Ford Ranger PX MKIII (2019+)


Incorporating many of the strength related features the Deluxe bull bar, the Commercial bar provides considerable frontal protection but achieves cost savings through a simplified manufacturing process.

ARB’s engineers have designed and developed a new Commercial Bar to suit the Ford Ranger PXIII. Supplementary kits have been developed to ensure that the new Commercial Bar is fully compatible with parking sensors, Semi-Auto Active Park Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control (where fitted).

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  • Vehicle specific design for the Ford Ranger PXIII
  • 60.3mm outer tube and 76.1mm centre tube
  • Engineered, air bag compatible mounting system secures to chassis via high tensile bolts and hardware
  • Split pan design for maximum strength and airflow
  • Two piece grille design for split pan
  • Extensive protection panels on centre and either side.
  • Combination style bar to suit both winch and non-winch applications
  • Provision for OE parking sensors.
  • Supplementary kit PN 3540270 required for Adaptive Cruise Control and Semi Auto Active Park Assist fitment.
  • Will accommodate Warn, Magnum, Bushranger and Smittybilt low mount electric winches up to 10,000lb
  • Provision to accommodate ARB Intensity LED, and a range of IPF and Bushranger driving lights
  • Provision for optional ARB halogen Fog Lights
  • Corrosion resistant primer
  • Two aerial brackets located on the top of the centre frame

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Diameter - Centre Tube

Diameter - Side Loop

Thickness - Pipework

Tabs - Accessories

Tabs - Driving Lights

Tow Hitch Facility

Compatible - OE Cruise Control

Compatible - OE Parking Sensor

Compatible - OEM Park Assist

Compatibility - Recovery Equipment
Compatible - Winch

Jacking Points

Daytime Running Lights

Fog Lights

Indicator/Parker Lights

Lights - Auxiliary

Bow Shackles

Compatible - Airbag

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Make Model Series
Ford Ranger PX MKIII (2019 - Present)