Bushranger X-Pack Recovery Kit Standard


The Bushranger® X Pack Recovery Kit gives you peace of mind. Carrying a complete recovery solution, if you become stuck you’ll have the tools to get yourself out and home safe.

The compact bag is complete with a 9m x 8,000kg snatch strap, 8,000kg trunk protector, 10m x 4,5000kg winch extension strap, 2 x 3.25t bow shackles, 7,000kg snatch block and a pair of gloves.

Ultimate kit when used in conjunction with a hand or power winch. (sold separately).

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  • Bag
  • 9m x 8,000kg snatch strap
  • 8,000kg trunk protector
  • 10m x 4,500kg winch extension strap
  • 2 x 3.25t bow shackles
  • 7,000kg snatch block
  • pair of gloves.

Additional information

Chain & Straps
Drag Chain

Load Bridle

Snatch Strap

Tree Trunk Protector

Winch Extension Strap

Bow Shackles

Snatch Block


Recovery Hitch

Winch Blanket

Carry Bag


Tyre Deflator

Waterproof Work Mat

Warranty Duration