TJM Outback Bull Bar – Ford Ranger PX MKIII (2019+)


The TJM Outback bull bar range offers exceptional frontal protection for your Tech Pack Ford Ranger PX3 7/18+. Not suitable for the Wildtrack Model. Our engineers have spent countless hours perfecting the design of these bars to ensure our customers are equipped with one of the finest products in the market. Full wrap cato straps and 63mm pipework provides added strength, damage deflection and headlight protection. This TJM Outback bull bar is 4×4 equipped with a steel winch-mount, integrated rated recovery points, LED fog lights, LED combination lights, and reinforced T-slot recovery jack points. It’s ready to work for you with dual aerial mounts and mounting points for installing large driving lights. Combining classic styling with premium features, TJM’s Outback bull bar range offers uncompromised frontal protection for your 4X4. Roller Fairlead (steel Cable Winch) is not recommended for fitment to this bar.

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  • 63mm steel pipework
  • Integrated winch mount rated to 9500lb (4300kg) *** Roller Fairlead (steel Cable Winch) is not recommended for fitment to this bar.
  • 8000kg rated recovery points
  • LED fog lights
  • LED combination indicator & parker lights
  • Recovery jack T-slots
  • Dual aerial & driving light tabs
  • Airbag compatible
  • ADR Approved
  • Compatible with OE parking sensors & Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Suits up to 220mm diameter driving lights

Note: ACC AEB Auto High-Beam. Suits models with Tech Pack. Not suitable for Wildtrak models.

Additional information

Australian Design Rules (ADR)


Diameter - Centre Tube

Diameter - Side Loop

Tabs - Accessories

Tabs - Driving Lights

Driving Light Max Size


Tow Hitch Facility

Compatible - OE Cruise Control

Compatible - OE Parking Sensor

Compatibility - Recovery Equipment
Compatible - Winch

Jacking Points

Rated Recovery Points

Daytime Running Lights

Fog Lights

Indicator/Parker Lights

Lights - Auxiliary

Compatible - Airbag

Colour - Standard

Colour Coding


Warranty Duration

Make Model Series
Make Model Series
Ford Ranger PX MKIII (2019 - Present)